Beltane Beginning reboots Gumbo Wicca

Beltane Beginning

I’ve been at cross purposes with my websites for too long. MysticKnight’s Musings, my personal blog, is a long-time thing. It’s my account on Da Twittah, Facebook, and Instagram. Gumbo Wicca is my framework for Wiccan practice and for the Running Waters Book of Shadows.

Re-structuring my web servers, both here at home and in the cloud, forced me to examine these two sites. I’ve decided to merge them, after a fashion. Mysticknyght dot com continues as my personal site. Gumbo Wicca begins anew, as a place for myself and others.

WordPress “Network”

You’ve probably heard of the content management platform, WordPress. I use it for most of my writing and web work. The platform has a feature called “network sites.” The idea is to have one main site, then others related to it. It saves space on servers. So, the main site is still MysticKnyght dot com. GumboWicca dot com sits under MysticKnyght. It’s associated but separate. Gumbo Wicca presents a group discussion space. The site gets its own theme, color scheme, etc.

Goals of Gumbo Wicca

The primary goal of this site is development of my Book of Shadows. I would like input and feedback on it as we go along. I hope to publish it as a book at on Gumbo Wicca as a tradition at some point. Input from others ranks high in this process! Wiccan authors, elders in other traditions, as well as newcomers to the Craft are most welcome here.

Why a Beltane Beginning?

That’s easy, we’re all stuck at home! The servers are here at the house. Coffee shops offer people-watching and a different writing environment. Home is where the hardware is. So, sunshine and coffee on the patio offer proximity to the servers. We turn the wheel a bit, marking Beltane. Seeds planted at Ostara begin to sprout. Same for website ideas. The challenge now is to keep it all well-tilled and watered.

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