Solitary seeker, solitary practitioners.

solitary seeker

Solitary seeker

The first topic area we present here at Gumbo Wicca is the concept of the Solitary Wicca. I work solitary, as opposed to with a group, a coven. My structure originated with Scott Cunningham’s book on the subject.

Building and moving forward

The goal of Gumbo Wicca is not to re-invent the wheel. Our goal is to present a different wheel. Auto drivers in cold climates require “snow tires” and other accessories to keep their cars safe. That’s a type of wheel. It’s one we don’t use or need along the bayous. We present a different wheel that works on the paths around New Orleans. So, when an author like Cunningham works, it’s easier to refer the seeker back to that book or article than spend time re-hashing it and avoiding plagiarizing the original.

Teachers develop frameworks. Whether it’s a Book of Shadows or a syllabus for a coven’s course of study, the framework is their foundation. Gumbo Wicca begins with the basics of solitary practice. We offer the Wicca a framework for that practice when it’s 95°F and 95% humidity outside. When the Wicca in Boston switch from boots to sandals, we’re already running around nearly naked down here.

Growing the tradition

The Gumbo Wicca Tradition formed in a New Orleans context. Seekers desiring that experience, that approach to Wicca, gravitate towards the mindset. Life may bring them to places outside New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana, but they, as the song go, “know what it means…”

So, a seeker in Boston puts on her sandals for first time this Spring, her heart finds her way back to New Orleans. She “gets” the Gumbo Wicca Tradition. We welcome that seeker, as well as those from the beach, the mountains, and the plains. If you close your eyes and focus your practice on the heat, humidity, the bugs and the birds, the rain and the potholes, you’re ready to join us.

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